The Scottish Weeks '97

The Scottish Weeks '97

Akkurat were once again hold Scottish Beer Weeks, with a high number of cask conditioned Scottish ales on rotation. As usual we chose a not good evening for a visit, and most of the pumps were empty. Still there was a considerablr amount of bottled and draught beer we hadn't yet tried, so we didn't thirst to death that night either.

Our favourite of the night was the most middle-of-the-road beers: Caledonian 80/-, cask, which I found eons better than the pretty boring bottled version. Another Scottish delight was the hearty and fullbodied bottled MacLay Wallace, while I was a little bit disappointed at the, by all means decent, Tomintoul Culloden, cask after having tasted their much more exciting Wild Cat before. My personal favourite of the evening was the dark and bitter English porter Nick Stafford Nightmare.

Other noteworthies were the interesting Fraoch Heather Ale, spiced with - you guessed it - heather, and a few Canadian microbrews from Le Cheval Blanc and Unibroue. La Gaillarde overtook Westvleeteren 12 as the record holder for the most expensive beer we've ever bought. A 75cl bottle costed a staggering 135 SEK (about $20)... On top of that I found it wildly disappointing, yeasty, a bit sourish and nowhere near the other beer we've tried from Unibroue: La Fin Du Monde. A keg version of Broughton Best Bitter were also a big disappointment. Very colourless brew.

Beers rated at Akkurat's Scottish weeks November '97
Caledonian 80/-, caskScotland54 43 4.004.1%Ale, Brittish style
Maclay WallaceScotland4444333.674.5%Ale, Brittish style
Nick Stafford NightmareEngland3544233.505.0%Porter/Stout
Mort Subite KriekBelgium2444433.504.3%Fruit flavour
Tomintoul Culloden, caskScotland4344323.334.6%Ale, Brittish style
Maclay's Broadsword, caskScotland3443333.333.8%Ale, Brittish style
La Cheval Blanc Death ValleyCanada3333333.00 Wheat beer
Fraoch Heather AleScotland2432343.005.0%Special
La Cheval Blanc Loch NessCanada3342333.00 Ale, Brittish style
McEwans LagerScotland4223242.83 Lager,Light
Valley Forge Pale AleUSA1333332.67 Ale, Brittish style
Caledonian Flying ScotsmanScotland2221342.335.1%Ale, Brittish style
Broughton Best BitterScotland3132122.00 Ale, Brittish style
La GaillardeCanada3121322.005.5%Ale, Belgian style
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt and Anna Hultén

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