Beer & crayfish

Beer & crayfish

The 10th of September the group gathered in Lars and Anna's apartment to drink beer and eat crayfish. This time two new people got involved in the ratings Lasse (who brought us a couple of Estonian beers) and Oscar. The beer we had was brought home from travels to Nürnberg in Bavaria, Grimstad in Norway and a couple we've found at home.

The best scoring beer of the evening was Altstadthof Schwarzbier, a beer brewed at the nice Nürnberg brewpub Hausbrauerei Altstadthof. Though we were unfortunate enough to drop the glass that contained the beer before everyone got a chance to try it... Another favourite was the Estonian porter Karl Friedrich from the brewery Saku Õlletehas. Less alcoholic than many other Baltic style bottom fermented porters and also less sweet, but still very fullbodied. Other treats were the two beers from the brewery Löwen Bräu in Buttenheim (not to be mixed up with the bigger Munich brewery with an almost identical name). Both their Weissbier and their Ungepfundetes Lagerbier, an extremely complex lager with low carbonation, were top class.

On the specialty side we had Lindemans Cuvée Rene 1994, a gueuze far less sweet and more authentic to the original style than Lindeman's other products. From the brewers Fischer in Greuth we had a Rauchbier, a heavily smoked specialty that I just love. Quite challenging though...

In the bottom of the list we'll find almost all the Norwegian beers we tried this time. All of them bland uninteresting lagers.

Beers rated 970910
Altstadthof SchwarzbierGermany 44    4  3.97 Lager, Dark
Karl FriedrichEstonia444453145 3.95 Porter/Stout
Meister VollbierGermany44433444 3.85 Lager, Dark
Alt-Fränkisches Bauernbier DunkelGermany434443 44 3.82 Lager, Dark
Löwen Bräu Ungepfundetes LagerbierGermany4 5542233 3.79 Lager, Light
Löwen Bräu WeissbierGermany345443 24 3.79 Wheat beer
Minnesänger Fränkisch DunkelGermany434434 44 3.77 Lager, Dark
Adnams Suffolk Strong AleEngland435432 32 3.45 Ale, Brittish style
Saku TumeEstonia334442244 3.44 Lager, Bock
Fuller's Old Winter AleEngland335432 42 3.37 Ale, Brittish style
Friedel KellerbierGermany3 4433431 3.32 Lager, Dark
Old Speckled Hen Canned DraughtEngland344432 41 3.24 Ale, Brittish style
Brok Martin PilsPoland342533 24 3.23 Lager, Bock
Gunzendorfer Edel-PilsGermany2 4433423 3.22 Lager, Light
Brok Sambor PilsPoland442343 23 3.19 Lager, Light
Rankendorfer LandbierGermany3 4333243 3.16 Lager, Dark
Brok O'kay Brown Strong LagerPoland323423354 3.15 Lager, Bock
Lindemans Cuvée Rene 1994Belgium225422344 3.13 Gueuze/Lambic
Fischer-Greuth RauchbierGermany235432 41 3.10 Special
Dojlidy PorterPoland224432451 3.07 Porter/Stout
Tartu RaehärraEstonia344223323 2.98 Lager, Light
St. Anna FestbierGermany2 4324333 2.97 Lager, Dark
Schluck-Specht PremiumpilsGermany3 4233332 2.97 Lager, Light
Brok Premium PilsPoland433333 22 2.97 Lager, Light
Saku HeleEstonia452431222 2.78 Lager, Light
Löwenbräu Premium PilsGermany343232 22 2.68 Lager, Light
Arendals PilsNorway422332 23 2.62 Lager, Light
Fiin Gammel Frydenlunder BayerølNorway332333 22 2.62 Lager, Dark
Ritter Leichtes Hefe-WeizenGermany433322 12 2.60 Wheat beer
SuveõluEstonia342232232 2.57 Lager,Light
CB PilsenerNorway232333 23 2.53 Lager,Light
Den Lille FeriepilsenNorway331233 23 2.39 Lager, Light
Sørlands PilsNorway222332 22 2.18 Lager,Light
Frydenlund PilsenerNorway331222 23 2.11 Lager, Light
Wisby Munköl, klass IISweden222232 22 2.04 Lager, Light
CB Ice BeerNorway221132 12 1.63 Lager,Light
CB Ice LimeNorway031213 12 1.36 Fruit flavour
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Matias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck,Fredrik Huldt, Anna Hultén, Lasse Granstedt and Oscar

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