Ohhh... My Head... Listings by style

We have divided the beers in our listing into a number of styles. To save us from too much work, we chose to make it simple for us and only use a few "major" styles.

We divided lagers into three sections: In Lager, Bock we put all lagers stronger than around 6,0%. Hardly a good definition of a bock, but simple for us... The lagers remaining was put into either Lager, Dark if it was about the same colour as a Vienna style lager or darker, or Lager, Light if it was lighter than that. (Light refers only to the colour.)

The ales were brutally forced down into three sections: Ale, British style, Ale, Belgian Style and Ale, German style, while all Porters and Stouts were lumped together into the category Porter/Stout regardless if they were top or bottom fermented.

Wheat beer got a section of their own. In this category we put all the Hefeweizens, Dunkelweizens, Weizenbocks, Kristallweizens, Witbiers and some other top fermented wheaten stuff.

The spontaneously fermented beers was put in the Gueuze/Lambic section, also the flavoured ones. And finally, the rest who are flavoured, spiced or wouldn't fit in at all ended up in our Special department.

  • Lager, Light
  • Lager, Dark
  • Lager, Bock
  • Ale, British style
  • Ale, Belgian Style
  • Ale, German Style
  • Porter/Stout
  • Wheat Beer
  • Gueuze/Lambic
  • Special

  • A thing that copmlicates the matter is that this classification was done four years after we tasted some of the beer, so there's bound to be a lot of errors...

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    Updated 2000-10-20 Per Samuelsson