OMH West Coast Tour '01

For the first time in history OMH went on a weekend long tour to the Swedish west coast. First up was the newish establishment Turisthotellet in the small town Ljungskile, halfways between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border. It serves mainly Belgian beer, and has an impressive assortment of around 375 different to choose from. This is certainly one of the best pubs in Sweden, both for beer selection and atmosphere.

Among the beers we tried this evening was a full set of lambics, with the fantastic Girardin Kriek 1882 finishing at top position of the evening, despite fierce compeition from outstanding beers such as Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 1998 and Oud Beersel Oude Kriek Vieille. We also tried a number of beers in the Flemish Red Ale style. Best of those were, according to us, the lovely balsamic Bios Vlaamse Bourgogne. Another highlight was Quintine Blonde, a dangerously drinkable strong blonde ale from Brasserie Ellezelloise.

Our second and last stop was a painfully hot and humid Gothenburg. Gothenburg's primary waterhole is The Rover, a free house with a small but excellently choosen assortment of beers from mainly Belgium, Germany and Britain, and full of friendly people. Top honours here went to the draught version of Franziskaner Hefe Weißbier, a beer well suited for the weather this week. We then conitinued to visit another pub, the Bishop's Arms where we found the ultra rare local beer Ahle Ale on cask, but first place here went to the draught version of the good old Fuller's ESB.

Beers rated July 2001
26Girardin Kriek 1882Belgium4,4653+55,0%Gueuze/Lambic
36Quintine BlondeBelgium4,414+4+5-8,0%Ale, Belgian style
48Duvel GreenBelgium4,314+4+4+7,5%Ale, Belgian style
71Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 1998Belgium4,245-4-4+6,5%Gueuze/Lambic
78Bios Vlaamse BourgogneBelgium4,235-3+5-5,5%Ale, Belgian style
86Enghien Noël Tripel BlondeBelgium4,224+4+49,0%Ale, Belgian style
93Franziskaner Hefe Weißbier, draughtGermany4,194+3+5 Wheat beer
93Oud Beersel Oude Kriek VieilleBelgium4,194+3+56,5%Gueuze/Lambic
124Carlow O'Hara's Celtic Stout, draughtIreland4,114+44 Porter/Stout
192Enghien Dubbel BlondeBelgium4,004+3+4+7,5%Ale, Belgian style
280Enghien Dubbel BruneBelgium3,9053+38,0%Ale, Belgian style
299Postel DubbelBelgium3,8844-47,0%Ale, Belgian style
349Barbãr Winter BokBelgium3,813+4+48,0%Lager, Bock
372Queue de Charue Ploegsteert BruinBelgium3,795335,4%Ale, Belgian style
398Watou TripelBelgium3,76345-7,0%Ale, Belgian style
465Girardin Framboise 1882Belgium3,713+445,0%Gueuze/Lambic
601Fuller's ESB, draughtEngland3,58434- Ale, British style
645Caledonian 80/-, draughtScotland3,534-3-4+ Ale, British style
669Quintine Saison 2000Belgium3,503+3+46,5%Ale, Belgian style
732BacchusBelgium3,453-4+4-4,5%Ale, Belgian style
768Quintine AmbréeBelgium3,423+4-3+8,5%Ale, Belgian style
829Einbecker Brauherren Pils, draughtGermany3,3843-3+ Lager, Light
934S:t Louis Gueuze Lambic, draughtBelgium3,313+3+3+4,5%Gueuze/Lambic
934Krusovice Musketyr 11%, draughtCzech Rep.3,313+3+3+ Lager, Light
1004Courage Best Bitter, caskEngland3,2733+4- Ale, British style
1037Einbecker Ur-Bock DunkelGermany3,254-336,5%Lager, Bock
1152Brugel Amber Ale, draughtBelgium3,17334- Ale, Belgian style
1180Newcastle Brown Ale, draughtEngland3,143-4-3+ Ale, British style
1187Bios KriekenbierBelgium3,143+425,0%Special
1200Ahle Ale, caskSweden3,133+4-2+ Ale, British style
1272Sparta PilsBelgium3,0833+35,0%Lager, Light
1352König-Pilsener, draughtGermany3,033+3+2+ Lager, Light
1581Drie Fonteinen FramboiseBelgium2,903+23+5,0%Gueuze/Lambic
1602Krusovice Lezak 12%, draughtCzech Rep.2,88333- Lager, Light
1648Maes PilsBelgium2,843-334,9%Lager, Light
1857Boon Faro PertotaleBelgium2,703325,0%Gueuze/Lambic
1928Spaten München, draughtGermany2,643-2+3 Lager, Light
1928Krombacher Pils, draughtGermany2,643-2+3 Lager, Light
1933Cherish RaspberryBelgium2,642-3+3+5,0%Gueuze/Lambic
2588Kopparbergs Fat, draughtSweden2,031-33 Lager, Light
Rated by: Per Samuelsson, Fredrik Huldt and Oscar Hansson

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Updated 2001-07-23 Per Samuelsson