Christmas Ratings 2000

My fridge was packed before Christmas 2000. Our friend Don Bible had supplied us with so much beer that it was an exhausting task to get through all of it. On top of that the pubs Akkurat and Oliver Twist had special sesonal offerings, and we still had the remainder of a Texan beer haul left. As it turned out most of our beers were high gravity American microbrews, but the winner of the sessions were from the barren Orkney Islands: The cask conditioned version of Orkney The Red McGregor, a world class reddish, complex cask ale sampled by Akkurat.

Speaking of world class beers, Avery from Boulder, Colorado, seem to produce a line of them. Their full bodied and rich Avery Out of Bounds Stout certainly falls into that category. Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot is even more fullbodied, but still world class. We also had the opportunity to meet a new vintage of our dear old friend Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale at it's first official appearance in Sweden.

A beer I've been searching long for is the legendary Orkney Skullsplitter, a heavy scottish ale which we finally got to sample, and we didn't get disappointed.

Near the other end of our list we'll find a new country: Vietnam. None of the two beers made much of an impression though, even if they both were a lot better than the terrible strong lagers from Denmark and Netherlands we've had the misfortune to come across.


Beers rated in December '00
17Orkney The Red McGregor, caskScotland4,5154+4+4+ 4,8%Ale, British style
44Avery Out of Bounds StoutUSA4,324+5-4+4+4- Porter/Stout
95Weyerbacher Blithering IdiotUSA4,13 543+ 11,1%Ale, British style
136Big Hole Mythical White Grand CruUSA4,05 3+4+5- 7,0%Wheat beer
149Darguner PilsenerGermany4,034+4+3+445,0%Lager, Light
178North Coast PranqsterUSA4,0035-53+ 7,6%Ale, Belgian style
205Left Hand Sawtooth AleUSA3,9644444- Ale, British style
208Dej Buh Stesti Original SvetlakCzech Rep.3,96444-4+4-3,5%Lager, Light
211Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale 2000USA3,954+5-5-2 9,6%Ale, British style
233Left Hand Imperial StoutUSA3,9144+4+3+3+ Porter/Stout
234Orkney SkullsplitterScotland3,913+543+4-8,5%Ale, British style
236Butterfield Mt. Whitney Pale AleUSA3,914+44+3+3+ Ale, British style
240Anchor Our Special Ale 2000, draughtUSA3,9044-44 5,8%Ale, British style
253Otter Creek Winter AleUSA3,88 4+3+4 6,0%Ale, British style
261Ale Smith Old Numbskull Barley WineUSA3,863+54+3+310,0%Ale, British style
284Spanish Peaks Yellowstone Pale AleUSA3,833+4+443+ Ale, British style
334St. Stans Red Sky AleUSA3,77 44-4- 5,8%Ale, British style
341Weyerbacher Raspberry Imperial StoutUSA3,754-4+3+4- 8,2%Special
372Rogue Younger's Artisan BitterUSA3,7343+4-4 5,0%Ale, British style
381Rock Creek Red AleUSA3,723+3+44+4-5,0%Ale, British style
420Crested Butte Rodeo Oatmeal StoutUSA3,683+444-3+ Porter/Stout
435St. Stans Amber AleUSA3,674-44-3+ 5,6%Ale, British style
456Shepheard Neame Vintage Christmas Ale 2000England3,65 4-3+4-46,7%Ale, British style
471Grim Reaper Barleywine Style AleUSA3,644-4+43-3+ Ale, British style
560Celis Pale Rider AleUSA3,54344-3+4- Ale, British style
577Humpy's Sockeye Red AleUSA3,514-4+3+3+3- Ale, British style
580Saint Arnold Brown AleUSA3,513-4-3+44 Ale, British style
622Cooperstown Benchwarmer PorterUSA3,473+4-433+ Porter/Stout
623H.Saxer Public LagerUSA3,473+43+34-4,8%Lager, Light
655River Horse Special AleUSA3,442+53+4-3- Ale, British style
666Schwarzer Drachen SchwarzbierGermany3,4342+3444,9%Lager, Dark
693New Belgium Fat Tire Amber AleUSA3,4134-43+3 Ale, British style
699Saint Arnold Christmas AleUSA3,403-543+2- Ale, British style
706Rock Creek Gold AleUSA3,403-4-4-434,0%Ale, British style
710Celis Grand CruUSA3,402+4+3+3+4-8,8%Ale, Belgian style
744Mystic Seaport Pale AleUSA3,374-3-3-4+4-. Ale, British style
758Bosque Amber AleUSA3,363+4+3-3+3 Ale, British style
841Rogue Mocha PorterUSA3,314-334- 5,2%Porter/Stout
849Rock Creek Black Raven PorterUSA3,303-4-3-4-44,5%Porter/Stout
854Budels Winter, draughtNetherlands3,304-3-4-3+ 7,5%Ale, Belgian style
887Rostocker ExportGermany3,2843+3335,5%Lager, Light
895Snake River Pale AleUSA3,273+42+3+3+ Ale, British style
912Daleside Monkey Wrench Strong AleEngland3,26 2+3445,3%Ale, British style
917George Gale HSB, caskEngland3,2543+3+2+ 4,0%Ale, British style
932Everad's Original, caskEngland3,244-3+33 5,2%Ale, British style
1064Marton Moor Brewer's Droop, caskEngland3,144-3-4-3- 5,0%Ale, British style
1117Magnotta Traditional AltbierCanada3,103+4-42+25,0%Ale, German style
1397Blue Ridge Hopfest Brown AleUSA2,923-3-3+42 Ale, British style
1443Kimberley Best Bitter, draughtEngland2,883+2+33 3,9%Ale, British style
1462Celis RaspberryUSA2,86224+33+ Special
1466Rock Creek Nuttrageous Brown AleUSA2,8632-2+4+3+4,2%Ale, British style
1474Harviestoun SchiehaillionScotland2,85 4-323- Lager, Light
1482Spanish Peaks Honey Raspberry AleUSA2,8433-3+3-3- Special
1510Hampshire Pendragon S.AEngland2,82 3-4-3-2+ Ale, British style
1645Bush NoëlBelgium2,723+2+2+3 12,0%Ale, Belgian style
1648Gale's Millennium BrewEngland2,7122+3-3410,0%Ale, British style
1667Snake River Zonker StoutUSA2,703-32+2+3+ Porter/Stout
1702Kobors Cinnamon StoutUSA2,673-2+3-2+4- Special
1724Rat Tail AleUSA2,6531+333+ Ale, British style
1897Gamla Hufvudsta Bryggeri Färsköl 3,5%Sweden2,52 2-24+2+3,5%Lager, Light
1902Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin AleUSA2,514-2+2+2-3- Special
1974Nor'wester HefeweizenUSA2,44423-13-5,3%Wheat beer
1983Mariestads Julbrygd 3,5%Sweden2,44 2-242+3,5%Lager, Dark
2634Åbro JuleljusSweden1,58 12-2-2+5,0%Lager, Light
2639"33" ExportVietnam1,572112+2 Lager, Light
2714Saigon ExportVietnam1,402-21+1-2- Lager, Light
2725Albani JulebrygDenmark1,36 0+12-37,0%Lager, Bock
2804New England Oatmeal StoutUSA1,0013-0+0-2- Porter/Stout
2817Amsterdam NavigatorNetherlands0,94 1-12-1-10,0%Lager, Bock
2857Amsterdam MaximatorNetherlands0,42 01-10+11,6%Lager, Bock
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck and Fredrik Huldt

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Updated 2000-12-29 Per Samuelsson