Christmas ratings '97

Christmas Ratings '97

The main Christmas rating took place in the end of November when we gathered to rate all the new Christmas seasonals we could get our hands on. Out of these the extremely weird Östgöta Maltglögg, became our overall favourite. This beer besides being the strongest Swedish beer available at 10.0%, is blueberry flavoured and has also a lot of spices in it, on top of that it should be served warm. It tastes like Glühwein, which also is the purpose with it, since Glögg is the Swedish equivalent to glühwein. Also a lot of other Christmas seasonals showed good class, including the local and fresh Gamla Stans Julfärsköl, the strong and rich Belgian La Binchoise Speciale Noël and Wisby Julbrygd.

Of course we took the opportunity to rate a couple of other beers while we still were gathered. Out of those we were the most impressed by two American beers on sale in Sweden: The complex Minnesotan Brewer's Cave Golden Caramel Lager and the dark wheat beer Wit Black Ale from Spring Street Brewing Co. My personal favourite of the entire evening was however the great Czechis pils Ferdinand Svetlé 12%.

Later on we added some other beers, amongst others three homebrews kindly given to us by Lars Stjernestam. Two of them were Czechis pilsners, and the third a Dortmunder. All three were remarkably fresh, hoppy and outright delicious, with his Uddala Diös Pils ending up as the rounds overall winner at the excellent score 4.32. Two great Swedish Christmas brews were also rated: The weirdly spiced Tomtefar with it's well balanced cinnamon flavours, and the dark and rich Gamlestadens Julöl 1997. And we must not forget Jämtlands Mellan a nicely hoppy lager from the awesome Jämtlands Bryggeri.

Over to the beers I would not recommend: The thin and sour Norrlands Jul from Spendrup's is one of the worst Julöl I ever tried, and Grolsch Amber Ale I could barely stomach. The American style watered down lager Rembrandt Masterpiece was another of the many examples of bad Dutch lager they export. Very paranoid beer country, so much great beer, but also so many awful ones. The worst beer according to us this time was a Svagdricka, which is some traditional style very low alcoholic dark and sweet beer-like drink, that some of us wasn't all that delighted to try...

Beers at our Christmas ratings in November-December '97
17Uddala Diös PilsSweden 4 5 4     4.324.9%Lager,Light
51TomtefarSweden4 5 3     4.005.0%Lager, Dark
55Jämtlands MellanSweden4 4 4     3.984.2%Lager, Light
55Gamlestadens Julöl 1997Sweden4 4 4     3.985.0%Lager, Dark
80Östgöta MaltglöggSweden 2445 44433.8410.0%Special
127Brewer's Cave Golden Caramel LagerUSA 4453 32443.68 Lager, Light
130Anchor Our Special Ale '97USA4 5 2     3.675.8%Ale, Brittish style
132Wit Black AleUSA 4434 33353.67 Wheat beer
133Uddala ExportSweden3 5 3     3.665.0Lager,Light
139Ferdinand Svetlé 12%Czech Rep. 4544 2 233.664.7%Lager, Light
140Lammsbräu EdelpilsGermany 5444342233.664.8%Lager, Light
141Uddala Prag Pils 1Sweden4 4 3     3.653.3%Lager,Light
179Gamla Stans JulfärskölSweden 3443225453.575.0%Lager, Dark
201La Binchoise Speciale NoëlBelgium 1453 53343.509.0%Ale, Belgian style
229Wisby JulbrygdSweden 3453332343.446.0%Lager, Bock
247Grebbestad JulölSweden 4443224323.405.1%Lager, Dark
286Zeunerts JulölSweden 3444223343.335.1%Lager,Dark
312Kesselring Urfränkisches LandbierGermany 1345244443.305.1%Lager, Dark
313Staroceske Svetlé, klass IICzech Rep.3 3 4     3.303.5%Lager, Light
323LustenSweden4 2 4     3.295.1%Lager, Light
345Weßenhoher KlosterbierGeramny 4334343333.254.9%Lager, Light
352Munkbo JulölSweden 2344243433.245.2%Lager, Dark
364Young's Special London AleEngland 3442 2 443.236.4%Ale, Brittish style
384Wit White AleUSA 4334 42233.19 Wheat beer
513Echt Veldensteiner LandbierGermany 2434433133.005.0%Special
522Spendrups OriginalSweden4 3 2     2.995.2%Lager,Light
533Sheperd Neame Christmas Ale 1997England 5432 33212.986.7%Ale, Brittish style
536KosterSweden3 3 3     2.985.1%Lager, Light
568Norrtelje JubileumsölSweden3 2 4     2.955.3%Lager,Light
621Saranac Black & TanUSA 2433 13342.86 Special
722Weßenhoher Kloster SpezialGermany 4323223432.695.2%Lager,Dark
781John L's Guldöl Extra StarkSweden3 2 3     2.637.2%Lager, Bock
809Örebro SlottsbrygdSweden3 1 4     2.615.3%Lager, Light
811Wychwood Old DevilEngland 4323 2 132.614.7%Ale, Brittish style
866Hansa PilsGermany 3222233342.504.8%Lager, Light
948Brok & Roll MocnePoland 1233 3 232.326.8%Lager, Bock
964Zipfer Oririnal, klass IIAustria3 1 3     2.293.3%Lager,Light
974Okocim Piwo JasnePoland 3223 3 322.275.5%Lager, Light
1046MidvinterbrygdSweden 3341122212.105.0%Lager, Dark
1056Norrlands JulSweden 2123232322.065.3%Lager, Dark
1061Grolsch Amber AleNetherlands 3114 2 222.045.0%Ale, Belgian style
1079Old Eskil AleSweden 4113 2 222.015.0%Ale, Brittish style
1112Rembrandt MasterpieceNetherlands2 1 3     1.955.0%Lager, Light
1112Gösser, klass II*Austria2 1 3     1.953.3%Lager,Light
1133Oettinger HellGermany 1113224321.904.7%Lager, Light
1194Old Bohemia Beer, klass IICzech Rep.2 1 2     1.633.3%Lager,Light
1265Spendrup's Gammeldags SvagdrickaSweden0 2 1     0.982.0%Lager,Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Kristian Ekfors, Fredrik Huldt, Anna Hultén, Robert and Oscar Hansson.

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