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Kungsholmens Kvartersbryggeri

Kungsholmens Kvartersbryggeri is a brave new micro brewery opened by seven homebrewers and beer enthusiasts, with Håkan Lundgren and O.P. Vikström as driving forces. Both of them have been leading figures among beer entusiasts and homebrewers for a long time. For instance Lundgren is Swedish champion in brewing.

The starting of this brewery is a reaction against the big breweries ways of cutting the costs by using adjuncts, such as rice and corn, and pasteurization. Situated in central Stockholm, another goal is to provide the town with local, tasty and fresh beer. They estimate to brew around 7-800 000 litres 1997.

Their first beer is called Lundgrens Lager. It is an amber cooured lager, brewed on four different types of malt and six different types of hops. It has a great deal of bitterness, is really complex, and reminds a great deal of a German/Czecish pils. However the use of Brittish and American hops, gives it a special aromw. Especially the Cascade hops shines through. Their second regular beer is a Bitter ale by the name King's Dog Ale. A beer pretty much focused on the hops.

Their seasonal includes an immensly bitter summer ale Kungsholmensens Kryssaröl, maybe not as complex as Lundgrens Lager but very intersting and refreshing. Their autumn seasonal Kungsholmens Kalasöl were a wildly playful dark taste explosion, approximating a festbier in style, but well out of the traditional style. Tomtefar, their Christmas seasonal is a weird little brew. A dark lager spiced with ginger and cinnamon that turned out really nice.

You can find Kungsholmen's beers on bottle around Stockholm, and on tap or, if you're lucky, cask-conditioned at for instance: Kvarnen, Kings Head, Highlander and Akkurat.

Currently their product are:
  • Lundgrens Lager - Lager (4,9%)
  • King's Dog Ale - Bitter ale

    Seasonals/occasional brews:

  • Kungsholmens Kalasöl - Lager, festbier (5,2%) Autumn beer
  • Kungsholmens Kryssaröl - Summer ale (4,0%) Summer beet
  • Tomtefar - Lager, dark (5,0%) Christmas beer
  • Hops and Glory - Best bitter ale Winner of homebrew contest, occasional

  • Read more about the brewery: (In Swedish only)

    Kungsholmens Kvartersbryggeri AB
    Svarvaregatan 7, S-112 49 STOCKHOLM
    Phone: +46 (0)8 6505049
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